Why would Bacon do that to me?

Knowledge is Power.

Or so they tell me.

“We intend at the end (like honest and faithful guardians) to hand men their fortunes when their understanding is freed from tutelage and comes of age, from which an improvement of the human condition must follow, and greater power over nature.  For by the Fall man declined from the state of innocence and from his kingdom over the creatures.  Both things can be repaired even in this life to some extent, the former by religion and faith, the latter by the arts and sciences.”

–Francis Bacon, The New Organon

In his New Organon, Francis Bacon simultaneously opened the door for all the wonders of modern science and all the horrors of modern scientism.

To paraphrase and vastly over-simplify CS Lewis in The Abolition of Man, let us hope that Man’s conquest of Nature does not become Nature’s conquest of Man.

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