How Math Is Taught

On a completely different note:

I find the bit about becoming at once more practical and more conceptual to be particularly interesting.


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    • Joey Bianchi
    • December 15th, 2010

    Agreed. My calculator gathered so much dust this quarter.

    I was promised more theory based and conceptually geared math classes next quarter and on until i graduate. If i get more cookie cutter, aesthetically pleasing math problems, I’m going to be disappointed.

    If we do get a lot of theory in these up and coming classes, however, then i think that helps the students to better their ability to think critically/conceptually/abstractly.

    And isn’t that a helpful talent to have in almost any field?

    But i do understand the problem in lower levels of math, One of them being: If a lifeguard can run at a certain speed in the sand and swim at a different speed…he should never do the calculus to figure out at which point on the beach he should jump in the water to save the swimmer…unless he has a computer…and even then… (Thank you Mr. Roulette, i always thought that was a bad problem)

    • I do, however, think that Darth Vader and his daughter Ella should continue to do the calculus to figure out how to land their ship! Even though any self-respecting space ship should be able to do that for them…

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