Covenant Renewal Worship

Doug Wilson explains here.  Essentially, covenant renewal worship is an order of worship which is patterned around OT worship; specifically, the repeated pattern of guilt offering, ascension offering, and peace offering.  Obviously, Jesus Christ is the sacrifice once for all, so there are no animal sacrifices in covenant renewal worship.

In brief, there are 5 C’s:

  1. Call to worship.  The people of God are summoned.
  2. Confession of sin and declaration of pardon.  This corresponds to the OT guilt offering.
  3. Consecration.  God’s people are consecrated (this part of the service includes the sermon).  This corresponds to the OT ascension offering.
  4. Communion.  There is weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper.  This corresponds to the OT peace offering in which the one offering the sacrifice eats from the sacrifice, communing with his God.
  5. Commissioning. This is a benediction/sending in which God’s people are sent out into the world.

I had never heard the term “covenant renewal worship” before I heard Doug Wilson’s explanation, but from the little I know, I like it.  And, I will be going to church tomorrow morning and participating in covenant renewal worship at Branch of Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

  1. February 5th, 2011

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