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Really. Read this post right now everybody!

The White Man’s Burden is one of those poems that is really important to understanding the perspective of Kipling from within British Cultural Imperialism. Much resonates with what some might consider “America’s Burden” but I’ll leave that for those who know what they are talking about. I don’t find the poem as offensive as my partner in crime on this site does, but my initial reaction is probably the same as his: “Did he really just say that in that way?”

The “If…” poem just became a devotional tool in my closet for my preparation for Biblical manhood.

FYI, I will not normally make a post that points to Rick’s immediately preceding post, but I was blown away by it and I had a “felt need” to do so.

  1. My reaction to “The White Man’s Burden” is probably actually more similar to yours, but you have to be offended by it, or you’re a racist who believes the only condition of election is the color of your skin.

    • Will Sprague
    • January 15th, 2011

    Haha Sorry I had forgotten I was a racist, I was so overwhelmed by my vicious cultural imperialism I had forgotten about skin color completely!

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