Two Views on the Prostitute Riding the Beast

There are two main readings of Revelation’s symbols from a Preterist perspective.

The Prostitute who rides the seven headed beast with ten horns is either Jerusalem or the city of Rome.

In the first of the two exegetical paradigms, the beast would be Nero/Rome, the ten horns would be the kings that pledge allegiance to Rome (like Herod?) and the Prostitute is Jerusalem (who holds the reigns in the relationship?) and causes the beast to persecute the Church. In this paradigm, the destruction of Jerusalem and ravaging of the Palestinian countryside would be the focus of the judgments.

The second of the two positions has the beast being Nero, the ten horns being the kings that pledge allegiance, and the city of Rome itself being the prostitute of the kings of the earth “riding” the beast. In this paradigm, the destruction of Rome would be the focus of the book of Revelation, with Jerusalem being destroyed as a huge and monumental aside in the middle of the book.

I tend towards the first interpretation because of much evidence in the Gospels for this eschatological leaning of Jesus’ ministry. But with a closer look at the intentionality of some imagery that the Evangelists use (especially the Gadarene swine incident) I see some more internal evidence that lends itself to the second paradigm. I am willing to discuss some more on the topic though and challenge myself to think harder, as there are brilliant people on both sides of the issue. For instance, Bahnsen held the second view and Gentry holds the first.

RE Mike Gregg has laid out a quite convincing case for the first view in a personal e-mail to myself. If you want me to e-mail the substance of his argument, then say so in the comments area and I will do so.

  1. I’d like a forward of Mr. Gregg’s e-mail, if you can find it, Will 🙂

      • Will Sprague
      • January 29th, 2012

      Will do…

    • Will Sprague
    • January 29th, 2012


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