The Bible is full of a repetition of themes (i.e. Creation, trees, etc.) but each iteration evokes something different, according to Leithart, channeling Kierkegaard. “there is no such thing as identical repetition”. The second iteration is different if for no other reason than that it is the second occurrence of the theme.

Noah is another Adam, but the evocative power of Noah’s obedience in the vocation of garden tending (the vineyard) is in direct contrast to Adam’s failure to tend the garden faithfully. The repetition of the covenants theoughout redemptive history give us continuity but each iteration is in an altered context and evokes more powerful reactions until Pentecost, the consummation.

    • Jessica
    • January 20th, 2011

    I find this topic of repetition extremely interesting. I recently was reading the story of David’s life and began to realize just how many parallels there are between him and Christ. Quite fascinating stuff!

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