The Plan

Getting myself all ready for the semester of school that starts on Tuesday (for me), I have a plan for my larger blog posts. Here it is.

1. Finish up the Yom Kippur of God series with the continuing exposition of the lead-up to the Cross. Hopefully I will finish up before school starts! Only one post left!

2. A short series on Stephen’s use of Scripture in his pre-martyrdom apology in his context. Hopefully this wont be a large project, but Scripture is so rich, it always feels like if you are going to say anything at all, you have to say everything possible on the topic. this is impossible, but the temptation exists.

3. A little bit of Joel and Pentecost discussion which will speak about inaugurated Eschatology and all that good stuff. If more comes up from this I will of course follow those insistent theological rabbit-trails. The point of this is that I am fascinated by the way that Scripture is utilized in the New Testament and what that means for us.

That is all I have for sure and that will keep me busy for the semester I think (cause it will be a bit busy for me and Rick). I will still do normal smaller posts, but those are the big projects.

Pray for the new semester’s success for Rick and myself!

    • Jessica
    • January 24th, 2011

    Looking forward to reading all that you have planned for the semester. Sounds like it will be an interesting couple of months.

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