Dante Class

I will hopefully be enrolling in a Dante class this semester that is going to cover (the WHOLE semester, mind you!) the Divine Comedy and La Vita Nuova.

These works, introduced by my blogging partner-in-crime, were some of the most formative books I read (La Vita Nuova as a supplement to the Comedy) and I am truly excited about the class and the potential for more insight into the man Dante and the Comedy in a more academic setting. I am not worried about disliking Dante after the class because he has been thoroughly nailed by secular scholarship. You can’t secularize Dante, because Dante did not hold to the Secular vs. Spiritual divide that so many hold to today. That rot did not happen for another 350 years after Dante.

This semester will be full of Japanese language studies (four of my classes are taught in Japanese!!!) with two literature classes (one on Japanese lit and the other on Dante) and will stretch my mind and abilities more than I have ever encountered. That is to say, in school. The Bible will always stretch me. Calvin will always stretch me. And the stretching does not take me to the breaking point. The stretching is designed to break me and bring me to the cross in the obedience of faith, the sovereign gift of God, to Whom is the glory forever.

Dante will be an intersecting point. Once again I will be thrown into the books that brought me to manhood in the West. May this class continue to mold me into the medieval that we should strive to be in a culture that is so blinded by chronological snobbery that they cannot even recognize “La Vita Nuova” that is found in Christ and in Him alone.


      • Will Sprague
      • January 26th, 2011

      Take that! Muahaha

    • Shannon
    • January 26th, 2011

    Hey Will… Hang in there with the classes taught in Jap. Once I got the CSUN most of my classes were in ASL. It can be tough taking 400 level classes in you second language, but knowing you, you’ll be fine 🙂

      • Will Sprague
      • January 26th, 2011

      Thanks! I will! I think the whole College group should read Dante with me! WOohoo!!

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