Here’s the trailer for Tim Challies’s new book The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion:

I hope to get a lot out of this book, especially since I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the role of technology in our lives. I’ve been pondering this subject for three reasons, all of which are related to proper management of time:

  1. This is my busiest semester ever, since I’m taking my usual 18+unit load of classes plus studying for the MCAT, which I take on April 29 (prayers would certainly be appreciated on that front…). With less time available, I’ve had to reconsider the commitments I had made to devote time to technology. For example, I was spending way too much time on Google Reader, so I’ve created a sub-folder of high priority feeds that I will check regularly, leaving the bulk of them unread.
  2. I really like reading, and Dr. Fred Sanders offered some great advice about reading in an interview here. He made a comment about being intentional about what you read and pre-deciding the level of commitment you want to put into reading any one thing, pointing out the dangers of online reading barraging us with a constant stream of material which we meander across without reflecting much on whether we’re reading things worth reading. (Incidentally, he mentioned he’s reading John Frame’s The Doctrine of the Word of God; John Frame is generally one of my favorite theologians, and Dr. Sanders is my favorite systematic theologian cartoonist, so I’d love to hear what he thinks about Frame’s book. Here’s hoping he posts a review over at The Scriptorium!)
  3. This blog requires a level of commitment, too. Will and I knew we wanted to blog, daily if possible, but coming up with something to post isn’t always easy, and posting something just to meet a quota seems like the wrong motivation. On the other hand, coming up with quality posts takes time. There must be a balance somewhere, but that place is difficult to find.

[Note: those using a feed reader may have to click through to see the video.]

  1. March 1st, 2011
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