Doug Wilson on Hell and Bell

Here’s a video of Doug Wilson on the recent Rob Bell controversy:

See the video here.

He first addresses the fact that universalism and annihilationism, which he views as a type of universalism, are actual issues which must be addressed, especially when they are raised by such revered exegetes as John Stott (Rob Bell is nothing if not trendy, but John Stott is nothing if not an exegete).

Wilson’s solutions to the problem of hell, which go beyond slinging verses back and forth, are worth thinking about:

  1. In an optimistic postmillennial scheme of things, there will be many people who are ultimately damned, but there will be many times more people who are ultimately saved. This is how he resolves the tension between the verses which speak of eternal damnation and the verses proclaiming Christ as the savior of the world; God’s ultimate intension for the world is a rich, glorious, gracious redemption.
  2. Heaven is where men say to God, “Thy will be done.” Hell is where God says the same to men. Wilson recommends CS Lewis’s The Great Divorce and ND Wilson’s Notes From The Tilt-a-Whirl on the topic of hell; the people in hell want nothing to do with God, and that is their punishment.

[Note: those using a feed reader may have to click through to see the video.]

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