Having Your Cake, and Eating it Too!

It is difficult sometimes when you are seeking to have your cake and eat it too and someone admits you have your cake and then eats it on your behalf. That is kind of like our relationship with God.

We sin for our meal. We get our dessert: death. It is OUR dessert. God even ADMITS that it is our dessert.

Then steps in Jesus, like a nutrition snob seeking to take away all of our joy (fleeting though the pleasures of sin are). He eats our dessert for us. We exclaim it is unfair for One to eat the dessert of others. “But,” perhaps He would say, “this dessert is not so sweet. Don’t you know you have been trying to lose weight and you HATE this dessert, but you want it? You fear the effects of this dessert, yet you crave it!” Kind of like a child who demands his rights to do whatever pleases him. Fifth commandment out the window, he wants McDonalds every day, and seeing his feet through his belly isn’t good, but it is preferable to eating broccoli.

Jesus steps in and eats it all up, leaving not a single crumb. To the uttermost. And then He says that He will give food that will satisfy. Cakes have no nutritional value. “Take me, the Bread from Heaven.” But we remember that God gave lots of food to His people and it was tasteless. The wine is lacking in body. The bread is like a cracker… It isn’t like a perfectly well-prepared cake with chocolate frosting. Let’s call it “Devil’s Chocolate” because it is so… tasty.

Jesus eats it all up and leaves us Himself to eat. Little piece of unleavened bread (“Sorry, didn’t have time, couldn’t bring the leaven from Egypt with me… (little devious smile on His face…) Looks like you gotta go without it…”) and a little tiny taste of wine, to soften the blow. But through those base elements, the sweet delight of milk and honey can be perceived. Maybe, we just don’t know how to make cakes very well. Maybe Jesus is more appetizing after all… “One small bite can fill a man’s stomach for an entire day.”

Christian Hedonism? I think so…


  1. You had way too much fun writing this…

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