Mere Human

“… are you not behaving as mere men?” 1 Cor 3:4b

We are no longer merely human when we walk by the Spirit of God! We don’t have the excuse that “everybody does that…” because, by the grace of God, we aren’t like “everybody”. Mistakes happen and we sin quite a bit, but we must not forget that we are not mere men and so we can conquer whatever failing or weakness we have relying on the Spirit of grace! In the specific context of the verse, the problem was division in the Body of Christ. We can talk about ecumenicity and the positives and negatives of that constant struggle, but before we touch the grand scale ecumenical issues, we should have united and loving bodies of believers who are dedicated to dealing with each other with grace and peace as the supernatural norm, not “eye for eye, tooth for tooth” judgmental and divisive quarreling like in the world.

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