The Blood of Jezreel

The ESV Study Bible aptly points out, in its notes on Hosea 1, that the “blood of Jezreel” for which the Kingdom of Israel/Jehu is to be judged is probably not the blood of the house of Ahab, which Jehu was lauded by God for bringing about, but rather, the blood of Naboth, whom Ahab/Jezebel had slain in order to gain his vineyard. The “blood of Jezreel” is probably, according to the Study Bible, the accumulated problem of idolatry after Baal which is signified by the seized vineyard and blood of the wicked Ahab and Jezebel. The Study Bible also gets going good when it points out that “the house of Jehu” is probably just a way of saying “the house of Israel” because Jehu starts a dynasty after usurping from Ahab (by God’s anointing!) the seat of the Kingdom.

All of this to say that the “reason” that God comes into judgment with Israel’s house can be boiled down to what went down with Naboth’s vineyard (as a picture of the bigger problem). Catching vineyard imagery in chapter 2 of Hosea? Moreover, take a closer look at 1 Kings 21 and tell me if you don’t see any connection with Hosea 6:7 and the account of the fall of Adam it refers to? I have a feeling that there is something in understanding Hosea which will put the prophecies in the right context and these sections are absolutely essential. I have some ideas, but I would love to bounce them off some of you guys… Thanks in advance!

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