A Poem of Love, for Love (not a Sonnet)

The Speaker said to Spoken, “Once upon a time,

there lived a Man and Woman who were spoken as a rhyme.

The words, He said, were diff’rent, in their content and their style,

but as a Sonnet’s couplet lines, they tended to beguile.

Though spoken well, the couple was, their one-ness notwithstanding,

a bit too quick to cultivate their lack of understanding.

When tempted, thus, to “take and eat” by serpent’s tongue deceiving,

the second line, a rhyme quite fine, did find her last word wrong.

Analogies break down when Persons are involved,

and stories wrought with “once-upon-a”s do need conflicts to fix.

A poem lost with rhymes gone wrong needs help to so defeat

a foe who’s crafty as formless void, a fruit with nectar tart.

For this, My Son, I send You now, to death with sorrow great,

to change her last word radically from “wrong” before ‘s too late.

    • Jessica
    • February 11th, 2012

    Great poem but I think there is a typo. I think you meant “Man and Woman” instead of “Man and Women”.

      • Will Sprague
      • February 11th, 2012

      Yeah I will edit it, thanks!

  1. This is beautiful, Will. I’ll have to admit the words that break the pattern still jarred my reading, even after you forewarned me…

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