Um, that’s still a thing…

Just FYI, infant baptism and excommunication are still practiced today. In fact, both happened in my church, like, literally, yesterday, the one a source of great joy and the other the cause of bitter grief.

This post is in response to two comments I’ve heard in Torrey sessions over the years. I’m sure the comments were innocent slips of the tongue, but I’d like to clarify all the same.

The one time infant baptism was seriously discussed, one chum asked, “Isn’t that kind of like what we do nowadays with baby dedication?” The implication of “nowadays” is that infant baptism is not practiced “nowadays.” Well, yes it is. It happened just yesterday morning at my (very Protestant, not Roman Catholic) church, Branch of Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Similarly, a chum remarked, “They had a word for [asking someone to leave a church] back in the middle ages: excommunication.” Back in the middle ages? Again, it happened just yesterday at Branch of Hope OPC. It’s not happy, but it’s biblical, so the OPC does it. (This specific case was at least not as messy as it could have been, since the person no longer claimed to be a Christian and had voluntarily stopped coming to church, but, still, it’s a heartbreaking thing to have happen. Of course, the primary goal of excommunication is to bring the person to repentance, which is my sincerest prayer for the person involved in this case.)

So, um, yeah, that’s still a thing…

  1. Relevant, both. Who was the child?

    • shannonleavitt
    • May 8th, 2012

    Nice Rick. Thanks for the post. I hear the same thing from friends.

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